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Day One

Participants discussed and shared their thoughts about networking, collaboration and influencing policy and funders. The ideas expressed are captured in three images.

1. The Art of Collaborative Networking

The art of collaborative networking thumbnail

2. Interdisciplinary Collaborative Projects

Interdisciplinary collaborative projects thumbnail

3. The Art of Influence

The art of influence thumbnail

Day Two

After talks on the future of GB plant health from Chief Plant Health Officers Professor Nicola Spence and Professor Gerry Saddler, participants held discussions on workplace equity, diversity and vitality, and on influential public campaigning, education and engagement. These discussions generated a wealth of creative ideas, visualised in these pictures.

1. The Art of Workplace Vitality

Workplace Vitality thumbnail

2. The Art of Equity, Diversity, Justice and Inclusion

Equity Diversity Justice and Inclusion thumbnail

3. The Art of Campaigning

Campaigning thumbnail

Day Three

Looking to the future, participants shared their ideas about dream teamwork across disciplines, then devised and delivered their own keynote talks.

1. The Art of Dream Teamworking

The art of dream teamworking thumbnail

2. The Final Keynote Address: The Art of a Mycelial Organism

The final keynote thumbnail